Gambling new mexico

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Action for recovery; immunity. Search for a Local Attorney. Sports Betting Betting on professional and amateur sports is a violation of federal law.

The attorney general, any district attorney or any citizen of this state may institute an injunction proceeding to have such public nuisance abated. Gambling; New Mexico Statutes A-1, et seq. NM Gaming Control Bd. Commercial gambling; permitting premises to be used for gambling; dealing in gambling devices; bookmaking; bribery of contest participants; accepting anything of value on the basis of results of a race, contest or game of skill or chance illegal. Following describes qualifying factors, organizational responsibilities, and the limitations on gaming imposed by New Mexico law.

Here we cover the laws and jurisdictions the state of New Mexico has when it comes to all types of gambling such as casinos, lottery, and sports betting. View Albuquerque casino hotels and resorts with gambling, and plan your poker vacations and gambling trips to Albuquerque, New Mexico today. Summary of gambling laws for the State of New Mexico.


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